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Chocolate Raspberry Donut Macarons

Chocolate Raspberry Donut Macarons | The Blonde Buckeye

It’s macaron time again! More specifically, Chocolate Raspberry Donut Macarons. Since I’m planning on making  bunch of macarons for the upcoming holidays, I made this batch of macarons for “testing purposes”, but added a little fun to them. My first test was to see if I could freeze the shells before I fill them for a few days, so I can make them on a Sunday, but they’ll be eaten on Thanksgiving. They tasted the exact same; success.

My second test was for flavored chocolate ganache. I wanted to see what chocolate worked well, and also how much extract I wanted to use to add some other flavors to the ganache. I used Trader Joe’s Pound Plus (Dark Chocolate) and a raspberry extract this time. It was rich, creamy and just tasted so divine! I also made my macarons a little smaller, so I could make more. Plus they’re just so cute and little.Continue Reading

Black Onyx Duet Cookies

Black Onyx Duet Cookies | The Blonde Buckeye

I made up a fancy name for these cookies to let you know they’re special. But really, they’re a copycat of a cookie at Panera. Like, a really, really good cookie though. Ironically, I haven’t technically had the Panera Duet cookie, but based on my ‘market research’, this is pretty darn close. Also, trust me when I say, I know a good chewy-chocolatey cookie. It’s basically a dark chocolate cookie, that contains chocolate chunks, white chocolate chips and walnut pieces. It’s a killer combination, made especially for all you chocolate lovers.Continue Reading

Electric Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Electric Greek Yogurt Pancakes | The Blonde Buckeye

Ohhh isn’t this is a fun-looking brunch… or in my case, I did eat them for lunch, but that’s not important. Initially I wanted to make ‘rainbow’ pancakes, but then I remembered the neon food coloring I had in the cabinet. Something about colored food just seems fun, no? But the best part is, you could use any colors you want! In addition to how pretty they look, they taste even better. The greek yogurt makes them puff up to these nice, thick pancakes. Also, no butter or oil are used in the batter, but they are sooo flavorful. Maybe my new favorite. I even made them for my husband the following day, without the food coloring, but added mini chocolate chips. They were unbelievable too.

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Buckeye Snack Mix

Buckeye Snack Mix | The Blonde Buckeye

Snack Mix, or Muddy Buddies, or Puppy Chow… They’re all the same essentially, and also super, super addicting. You will not be able to stop eating it. I rarely make it because of this fact. My sister and I always used to get down on this growing up. It would last about a second then too.Continue Reading

Toasted Pumpkin Pie Nuts

Toasted Pumpkin Pie Nuts | The Blonde Buckeye

I was in the need for a new snack. Something to fight that 3pm slump. Not that anything really fixes that, but still. I thought of a recipe for spiced nuts that I made awhile ago, and thought I could do a little ‘November/ fall’ spin on it… aka, Toasted Pumpkin Pie Nuts. To keep these healthy, I used egg whites again, instead of butter or oil. Also, the ground flax seed gives them the best little crunch! They’re addicting, but at least you can feel good about munching on these.Continue Reading

Buckeye Blondies

Buckeye Blondies | The Blonde Buckeye

It was only a matter of time before I made some Buckeye Blondies, let’s be honest. I mean, how perfect right? Not only are they appropriate for this blog’s name, they are DEEELICIOUS. Don’t ask questions, just make them. Seriously. Or wait a few days – I’m sure you have a surplus of candy at the moment. Or! Just add the leftover candy bars right into the blondies! Brilliant.

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