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Oh hi! I’m so glad you stopped by… I’m Emily, the one behind The Blonde Buckeye. I live in Orange County, CA with my husband, our toddler & our dog, Ruby Lu Pickle. My “real job” is a clothing designer in the Action Sports industry. I just started baking & cooking about 5 years ago & fell head-over-heels in love with it. Ironically, right around the time I fell head-over-heels in love with my husband (They do say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach!). In addition to my husband, son, dog & baking, I also really love iced coffee, Netflix, sewing, Cincinnati chili, sleeping in (which never happens!), red wine, photo booths, cupcakes, to-do lists, cake stands, painted nails, mini versions of food & of course, peanut butter & chocolate.


Since I have no professional experience or training, all of these recipes are basically a result of trial & error, which has been a great way to learn. I use what I’ve learned over the years to make the best food & recipes I can, to share them will all you guys.  Some are healthy, some are not. Some are sweet & some are savory (ok, mostly sweet). The only common theme I stick to, is it must taste absolutely delicious, otherwise I won’t even waste your time.  There’s a pretty big variety, so hopefully there’s something for everyone. I hope you enjoy making them, eating them, or at the very least, just enjoy looking at them.

The WHY:

The ‘Blonde’ is because, well, I’m blonde. The ‘Buckeye’ is because even though I call Southern California home now, my first 25 years were spent in Cincinnati, Ohio – the Buckeye State. (Also known for Buckeye candies… a very addicting confection of peanut butter & chocolate, which is among my favorite flavor combinations).

I love to bake because I love how happy it makes other people when they eat something totally-insanely-delicious. Seeing someone enjoying something I made or hearing about it is probably one of my favorite things on this Earth. Being creative is what makes my blood flow, whether it’s designing clothing or cupcakes.

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