Cornflake Crusted French Toast Waffles

Cornflake Crusted French Toast Waffles | The Blonde Buckeye

Remember these perfect whole wheat waffles? How could you not. Here is round 2, as promised. I turned these delicious waffles into french toast! I love french toast and I love waffles, so why not have the best of both worlds. So I had waffles one day, and french toast the next. Perfect breakfast(s) if you ask me.

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Baked Apple-Cinnamon French Toast

Mini Baked Apple-Cinnamon French Toast | The Blonde Buckeye

Baked French Toast is something that definitely has to be made in advance. The more time it has to soak up the egg mixture, the better it is. These are perfect to make the night before, or at least a few hours ahead of time. Which can be good or bad, depending on how prepared or impatient you are. Plus, when you make little individual ramekins, everybody gets that nice crusty top, paired with the soft, pillowy center (and small things are cute). Side note, I also enjoyed one of these the day after I baked them. I just popped it in the microwave & it was just as delicious as the day before. I can also tell you that it helped out my Monday morning tremendously.Continue Reading

Frosted Flake Crusted French Toast

Frosted Flake Crusted French Toast | The Blonde Buckeye

Well, sometimes you just don’t need to choose between french toast & cereal, do you? Exhibit A: Frosted Flake Crusted French Toast. I’m not even kidding, this might be the best french toast I’ve ever had. Seriously. I’ve seen some other cereal-crusted french toast recipes, but let me tell you why this one is better. First of all, you’re already going for french toast, you might as well go for Frosted Flakes over say, Corn Flakes. This isn’t a green juice people. Also, this recipe is baked, rather than cooked on the stove top. This is key for 2 reasons; one being that sugary cereal will most likely burn in a skillet.  Second, sometimes french toast can get soggy, especially once you add syrup. This french toast has a sweet, super crunchy exterior & soft interior. It’s kiiind of perfect.

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