Specudoodles | The Blonde Buckeye

Ok I admit it, I love ‘food hybrids’. I do. I wish I could come up with the next craze. Cronuts & brookies?! So when there’s an opportunity to make up my own hybrid, I rarely pass it up.  I made a hybrid cookie name, does that count? I’m pretty proud of it. Speculoos + Snickerdoodles = Specudoodles. My husband wasn’t as excited, but he did agree that these cookies are amazing. The edges are ever-so-slightly crisp, along with the outside sugar crunch, but then they’re super soft & chewy on the inside.  Plus with that cookie butter flavor. BOMB. As if that wasn’t enough, I tried out my vanilla bean paste. It’s that lovely smooth vanilla bean flavor, in a convenient little jar. I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for that one more often.

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